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The spiritual gift of Administration, also known as the gift of organizing or the gift of leadership, is the ability to effectively manage people, resources, and tasks to achieve a common goal in a manner that honors God.


The Christian spiritual gift of celibacy, also known as the gift of singleness or the gift of continence, is the God-given ability and calling for an individual to live a life of voluntary abstinence from sexual relationships and marriage.


The spiritual gift of discernment is the ability to distinguish between good and evil, truth and falsehood, and right and wrong, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


The spiritual gift of Encouragement, also known as exhortation or consolation, is the ability to uplift and motivate others in their faith and personal lives.


The Christian spiritual gift of evangelism is the ability to effectively communicate the gospel message of salvation through Jesus Christ to others, with the aim of leading them to repentance and faith in Jesus.


In Christianity, the spiritual gift of Faith is the ability to have unwavering confidence in God’s promises and a strong belief in His ability to fulfill them.


The Christian spiritual gift of giving is the ability to generously contribute material resources and financial support to others without expecting anything in return.


The Christian spiritual gift of healing refers to a divinely given ability or supernatural power bestowed upon certain individuals by the Holy Spirit to bring about physical, emotional, or spiritual healing in others.


The Christian spiritual gift of Helps, also known as the gift of serving or ministering, is a unique ability given by the Holy Spirit to certain individuals within the Christian community.


The Christian spiritual gift of hospitality refers to the ability or inclination to warmly welcome and care for others, particularly strangers, guests, or people in need. This gift is rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ.


In Christianity, the spiritual gift of interpretation, also known as the gift of interpreting tongues, is the ability to understand and explain messages spoken in unknown languages or tongues.


The spiritual gift of knowledge is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit mentioned in the New Testament (1 Corinthians 12:8).


The Christian spiritual gift of Leadership is the ability to lead and guide others towards accomplishing a common goal in accordance with God’s will.


The spiritual gift of Mercy is the ability to feel empathy and compassion for those who are suffering, and to take practical steps to alleviate their pain or distress.


The Christian spiritual gift of miracles refers to a divinely granted ability or power to perform supernatural acts or interventions that are beyond the normal course of natural laws.


The spiritual gift of prophecy is the ability to receive and communicate messages from God to the church and individuals.


The spiritual gift of serving is the ability to joyfully and willingly serve others, meeting their practical needs with acts of kindness and compassion.


The spiritual gift of shepherding (also referred to as pastoring or being a shepherd) is a special ability that God gives to some believers, enabling them to guide, protect, nurture, and care for the spiritual well-being of other believers.


The spiritual gift of teaching is the ability to effectively communicate and explain the truths of the Bible to others, with clarity, accuracy, and understanding.


The gift of tongues refers to the ability to speak in a language that is unknown to the speaker, but is believed to be a communication between the speaker and God.


The spiritual gift of wisdom is the ability to apply knowledge and experience to everyday situations in a way that leads to making wise choices and decisions that honor God.