What is the Spiritual Gift of Shepherding?

Fox Tucker
Fox Tucker

The spiritual gift of shepherding (also referred to as pastoring or being a shepherd) is a special ability that God gives to some believers, enabling them to guide, protect, nurture, and care for the spiritual well-being of other believers within their church community. This gift is rooted in the biblical metaphor of the shepherd, who leads and cares for a flock of sheep.

The term “pastor” is derived from the Latin word “pastor,” which means “shepherd.” The role of a shepherd in biblical times was to lead, guide, and protect the sheep under their care. Jesus himself is often referred to as the “Good Shepherd” in the New Testament (John 10:11).

Those with the spiritual gift of shepherding are called to help others grow in their faith, to provide guidance in times of doubt or confusion, and to offer support and encouragement to those who are struggling. They are often skilled at teaching, counseling, and empathizing with others. This gift is essential for maintaining the health and unity of a church community, as it involves looking after the spiritual well-being of its members.

The spiritual gift of shepherding can be manifested in various roles within the church, such as pastors, small group leaders, mentors, or ministry leaders. However, it is not limited to those in formal leadership positions. Anyone with this gift can use it to support and encourage others in their spiritual journey.

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