Gift of Encouragement

The gift of encouragement (exhortation) is defined as the ability to offer words of encouragement and challenges from God’s Word so that others can see and fulfill God’s vision to glorify Him by making disciples of all people groups, to know the fullness of God’s love that He has for them, and to continue to pursue spiritual transformation(Romans 12:8).

People who have this gift constantly wonder about what does God want to say to another person through me?

They also need to be aware of the tendency to get discouraged if they do not receive any feedback to the words they shared.

Christian Spiritual Gift of Encouragement

What is the Spiritual Gift of Encouragement?

The spiritual gift of Encouragement, also known as exhortation or consolation, is the ability to uplift and motivate others in their faith and personal lives.

Using the Spiritual Gift of Encouragement

Practical ways to use the Christian Spiritual Gift of Encouragement as you follow Jesus Christ.

How does someone acquire the Spiritual Gift of Encouragement?

Here are some steps to help you recognize and cultivate the gift of encouragement.